Introducing My Bschool Bonuses 2015

Four years ago a business course quite literally changed my life.

The course I’m talking about, is Marie Forleo’s Bschool. I don’t recommend other people’s programs lightly, but Bschool is the exception. Because it’s a game-changer and Marie is awesome.

I signed up for Marie Forleo’s Bschool in 2011, and every year since I’ve loved sharing it with others, because I’ve seen […]

How to Paint Abstract Paintings

Have you ever looked at an abstract artwork and thought “I could paint that!” Only to get home, pull out some paints to have a go and find it’s more difficult than it first appeared?

This week I’m pulling out the oil paints and giving you a first-hand view of some of the techniques I’ve used over the years to paint […]

How to Express Your Heart in Your Art

Have you ever seen something that’s moved you, or felt something so deeply you just had to express it? You pulled out some paper and paints and tried to capture what you were feeling in a painting.

But, it all went terribly wrong.

Don’t worry. Even professional artists have had this experience.

It’s quite normal and doesn’t mean that you can’t paint.

In this […]

Getting Started with Painting + The Paint Brands I Love to Use

This week is super exciting. I’m finally fulfilling a dream I’ve held dear to my heart for over four years.

It marks the beginning of a new video series called “Q&A with Nicola” where I get to answer YOUR questions about anything from painting and gardening, to business and creative entrepreneurship.

This week’s first question is a perfect one to kick off […]

Want to Move to the Country?

Last week I got a shock.

My friend Dee Humphreys called to say that she and her lovely hubby (Ian) are selling their incredible Permaculture property on 10 acres in Kin Kin, Queensland.

Yes, it’s true.

I could hardly believe it when she told me, but as anyone who knows them will testify, when Dee and Ian decide to do something, they jump […]

Let’s Forget Stuff All the Time…. Or, “How to Have a Ball Even When Things Aren’t Perfect”

We’re camping in the van and have just pulled up for our first night cooking dinner using supplies I packed. Or didn’t pack. As it turns out. I’m a little testy. Getting slightly more agitated with every request for stocking up our camp kitchen on the picnic table… No, we don’t have an egg flip. Or a knife. No, we […]